Why Do I Like Documysteries and Mysteries?

Figuring Out an Attraction to Mysteries

It’s ironically a mystery for me why I like mysteries? I mean, sure, it could be as simple as I am compelled to seek cerebral secrets . So the puzzle of wondering who the killer or perpetrator is pulls me in?. Could it be as simple as that?

A Real Sense of Magic

Or maybe it is because of having been a semi-pro magician from ages 8 – 18 during which time I was obsessed with magic and mystery. As a creator and user of magic effects, back then and today I can figure out pretty easily the secrets of what other magicians are doing in their acts. But mystery books would sometimes stump me. As silly as it sounds was it that I wanted a real sense of magic that a good mystery possesses?

Making a Mystery into an Intellectual Exercise

Another possibility is that a fascination with killers and other evil doers brings about fear in me.  A mystery can make this fear more into an intellectual unwinding of who the killer is and why. Also, at this time, the killers and other criminals in my urban home, have been roused as of late to come out of the shadows. The more intellectual something is, sometimes the more distancing it can become. Whatever the answer is, “mystery” is a big part of my enjoying the act of creating or watching a documystery, so whatever the answer to “why?” is, it continues to be one of my passions.