Where’s the Humor?

Humor is defined as being the quality of being amusing or comic, especially as expressed in literature or speech. “his tales are full of humor”.

Is the following funny? Maybe. Maybe not. But at the very least, an interesting side note is that in real life the Stamas Bros are actually blood relations to the late author of the western book discussed.

We bring this up in DocuMystery because the real question we are going to be looking at is, is whether or not this particular tale tickles your funny bone?

The link above leads to the website of the Stamas Bros, who have pitched to DocuMystery a redo of the classic movie “Shane.” They got this idea on Wikipedia:

“Two Japanese companies began selling budget-priced copies of Shane in 2003, based on a Japanese copyright law that, at the time, protected cinematographic works for 50 years from the year of their release.”

The Bros are hoping that this law allows them to do do an homage to this, their favorite motion picture that has horses in it. Sadly, there are no bison.