We Interrupt This Program

We interrupt this program to bring you this important hypnotic message.

People joke about the technique of hypnotism and in movies and TV we often hear the phrase

“You are getting sleepy, very sleepy…”

There is some truth in that technique. Studies have shown that in your sleep or a sleepy waken state, you can have the focus of mind necessary to achieve a state of being hypnotized.

We use the example of hypnotism as showing an important aspect of the “Billionaire Technique.” In other words, the more simple and directed your thoughts are, the better you have a chance at not only becoming a billionaire but being more likely to achieve whatever your goals are.

If you don’t have a direct plan to billions how can you get there.

Remember though, things do not always occur in a linear fashion, and you will be prone to many setbacks and therefore the reevaluation of you direction.

Can you flow with it? Are you going to be able to pick yourself up if things do not go as you want them to?

Have you ever heard the phrase:

“Everything happens for a reason?”

Some people reject this notion as hogwash. But when you think about it, even if you are not a spiritualist, “Everything happens for a reason,” can also mean “Explore the opportunity that comes up.”

Another way of putting it is that if you experience a setback, such as being pushed away by an investor, what is the silver lining that you experience? What is the opportunity? How can you reset and move forward in a way that is more accurate and forceful than the step you were trying to create but that fell down for you due to extraneous occurrences such as not achieving a bullet point as you anticipated it should be. What is a better step to take that will move you even farther forward.

People are limited in their perception. Had they been more open to the step you proposed to them, then they might have benefitted from it. Wish them well for their shortsightedness, AND MOVE ON!