The Filmmaking Methodology Evolves

Taking the Hassle Out of Filmmaking

Many thanks to DigRefer and Entertainment Entrepreneurship. I was one of those artists selected for the think tank that was done in conjunction with Thrillumentary. We had a great time deconstructing the way films are being made in the digital age but then took it one step further and developed a process for those who are solopreneurs, usually introverts, who want to make motion pictures but without having the hassle of coordinating a large group. In the case of what we developed it was only dependent on having actors, but surely soon this will be a time of digital actors, with animation of realistic looking figures.

Avoid Pain

I love the way that the discussion of what we did was based in the concept of emerging artist being and info seller. The key being that the information was solving some problem of some audience who really needed the solution. And of course since in this day and age there are many possible solutions involving media, the recommended technique is to try to solve a problem that hurts. Avoiding pain as a solution always trumps a solution that just solves a problem.

Gradually Your Art Becomes the Star

People want to avoid pain, and if there is a way for them to do so, you will have a valuable info product. And remember dear artists of all kinds, you can initially show your art alongside the info, then as time progresses because many will have been exposed to your art through your info projects, many of them will become fans of your art. That’s where you can start inching closer and closer to not having to be so much info-solving-problem-oriented. Your art can become the star instead of your info.

Find the Solution

And I loved how Entertainment Entrepreneurship recognized the importance of having an info product that appealed a great deal to your audience. One way of finding the right solution to a problem is through doing research. It can be somewhat informal, with the goal being to find out first hand how your solution resonates or maybe does not. Simply go on to another idea or even get the research subject actively involved potentially giving you the solution to the problem you need!

Are You the One?

Funny how DigiRefer felt that solopreneur’s are an often ignored demographic. I quite agree but had never really thought about as such with such focus. They are an underserved demographic ripe for bringing solutions to! Are YOU the one to do so?