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We’ve been getting positive feedback on our posts that examine marketing tools, so with this blog entry we are continuing doing so.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a vast topic that endless eBooks have been written about. Some important key takeaways in regards to SEO is the suggestion not to try to game the system in seeking a first page position. Follow all the best practices when developing content for your website. Try to have a thesis stated up front and then proceed to prove it or illuminate.

The key is that paragraph to paragraph you have material that stays focused. Also, making numbered lists have been shown to be as of this writing, desired by search engines. This could change any minute so the key to good SEO is tracking what at any particular moment is the most transparent and useful way to design content for your website or blog.

Writing useful content can be in direct correlation with being profitable because your audience is seeking information that could relate to your industry, so the more authentically you communicate with them, the more likely they will be to buy from you.

Got a Film to Promote? Have You Considered Dark Social?

The Importance of Dark Social in Communication

This is important to know because at the present time these words were written, Dark Social is responsible for an estimated 50 – 80 percent of all Social Media. That makes Dark Social all the more important. The problem is that up until fairly recently it was not possible to track Dark Social analytics as it is possible with other forms of social.

Even Texting is a Form of Dark Social

A form of social media is considered to be Dark Social when the reader makes a copy of a URL of some sort and shares it with another person via their choice of popular means including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or WeChat. Even a SMS text ways of sharing falls under the heading of Dark Social.

It Could Come Back to Bite You

Many believe that Dark Social will overtake conventional Social Media because of the desire for private messaging. The reason is that individuals are becoming aware of oversharing in a public platform that could come back to bite them.

Do You Ever Feel Like You’re Being Followed?

I feel eyes upon me!

Being Followed?

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like I’m being followed both online and off. The offline experience of being stalked hasn’t happened for a while because I’ve only been outside one time in more than 100 days. I’m talking about the Coronavirus Lockdown of course.

Real Life Documystery

But since being inside so much and turning to my laptop as my entertainment and work center, most of this creepy being “under someone’s eyes” sensibility is technologically based. In point of fact, I have proof of some of the surveillance, other times it’s just a gut emotion. I’m not going to get into detail about all of this but my existence has become a real life documystery.


I haven’t been documenting this documystery near enough, but I have started doing so now. Remember: “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you!”

Why Do I Like Documysteries and Mysteries?

Figuring Out an Attraction to Mysteries

It’s ironically a mystery for me why I like mysteries? I mean, sure, it could be as simple as I am compelled to seek cerebral secrets . So the puzzle of wondering who the killer or perpetrator is pulls me in?. Could it be as simple as that?

A Real Sense of Magic

Or maybe it is because of having been a semi-pro magician from ages 8 – 18 during which time I was obsessed with magic and mystery. As a creator and user of magic effects, back then and today I can figure out pretty easily the secrets of what other magicians are doing in their acts. But mystery books would sometimes stump me. As silly as it sounds was it that I wanted a real sense of magic that a good mystery possesses?

Making a Mystery into an Intellectual Exercise

Another possibility is that a fascination with killers and other evil doers brings about fear in me.  A mystery can make this fear more into an intellectual unwinding of who the killer is and why. Also, at this time, the killers and other criminals in my urban home, have been roused as of late to come out of the shadows. The more intellectual something is, sometimes the more distancing it can become. Whatever the answer is, “mystery” is a big part of my enjoying the act of creating or watching a documystery, so whatever the answer to “why?” is, it continues to be one of my passions.

DocuMystery Can Be Manic Media

Can’t Get Enough

There are a lot of people who are hooked on documysteries and can’t get enough. They have available to them all different kinds of media through which to pursue that which makes them manic: a love for the merging of mysteries with documentaries.


Have you ever noticed that in Netflix there is the tracking of the kind of programing you like and they present you with titles that hopefully match your taste? Netflix thinks I like mystery/thrillers and comedies and this is pretty much true. Sometimes I’ll watch a thriller that makes me bummed out about the world so I then need to view a comedy to rehabilitate.

Media Madness

How does this apply to the DocuMystery? Most likely those who like documysteries like I do have a need in their brain to tap into these flicks. We’re not saying to stop watching, but rather to make you aware of what could be happening with you: media madness?!

Documysteries are Digital

You Are Fortunate

Congratulations, documysteries are digital. If you are working on a documystery in the midst of this Pandemic, you have something that a lot of people don’t. You have the ability to continue work because what you do is digital. In this time of the Coronavirus crisis there are many who are not as fortunate as you are.

Do They have a Digital Component?

Something to think about is how can you help those who need a digital take on what they do for a living? There are businesses out there that on the surface seem like they can only be done in person. How can you assist in reinventing a business so that it has a digital component.

Spreading to those in Need

Yes, you are fortunate that documysteries are digital. So why not help spread digital to those in need?

Methodology is Proven

It is one filmmaker on her or his own plus some actors in the new methodology.

It Just Takes One

It was just a few years ago that the methodology was proven. The idea was to show that it was possible for one person to write, direct, film, act in, edit and more, their own motion picture. As we’ve mentioned in the past, we only got to the point of editing on the project, but all along the way to that point was done by a single individual.

A Part of the Evolution

What does this mean to USA filmmaking? It shows a foreshadowing of what it to come. There may always be blockbusters that employ hundreds of artisans, but the single person filmmaker will likely evolve as a method of making movies.

Become an ArtisticPreneur

Even the business end can be done by the same person filming, thanks to the introduction of the ArtisticPreneur in the domain of Entertainment Entrepreneurship. And now USA How To, the experts of “How To” have stepped in to document the technique.

The Journey of Chazz Palminteri

A Journey From Stage to Screen

The primary goal and mission of DocuMystery is to explore no budget filmmaking methodologies, often times in the mystery genre. We’re definitely making an exception to that right now. Many of you have probably heard of Chazz Palminteri and his journey from writing and performing a one man show called “A Bronx Tale” that lead to a movie of the same name with Robert De Niro and then runs on Broadway, both with his one man show as well as a version that was a Broadway musical. Quite a process. A special thanks to Mental Floss for the content and inspiration used in this post.

A Process that Helped Director and Actor

On September 29, 1993, the now-defunct Savoy Pictures distributed the coming-of-age crime drama A Bronx Tale, starring Robert De Niro and Chazz Palminteri. It was based on a one-man show Palminteri had started performing in Los Angeles in 1989, and then performed it Off-Broadway the same year. Palminteri ended up writing the screenplay and using it as a vehicle to act in the film, whereas De Niro used the script to make his directorial debut.

Partially Based on Real Life

The film, which is set in the Bronx in the 1960s, centers on a kid named Calogero “C” Anello who witnesses a mafia boss, Sonny (Palminteri), murder someone. As Calogero grow ups, he sees Sonny as a father figure but also copes with his own father’s (De Niro) advice. Partly based on Palminteri’s own life (yes, he really witnessed a murder), the semi-autobiographical film grossed $17.2 million against a $10 million budget.

Made Into a Broadway Musical

In 2007, Palminteri resurrected the play on Broadway, and in 2016 A Bronx Tale: The Musical began performances on Broadway. Palminteri wrote the book and De Niro co-directed with Jerry Zaks. After 700 regular performances, the musical closed on August 5, 2018 (though it’s now on tour).

Turning Early Defeats to Victories

While living in Los Angeles and trying to be an actor in the ’80s, Palminteri worked various jobs, including a gig as a bouncer at a nightclub. “One night a guy was going to come in, and he was very rude to me,” Palminteri told The A.V. Club. “I told him I wasn’t going to let him in, he got mad and told me that I’d be fired in 15 minutes. I said, ‘Sure sure, everyone tells me that.’ That man turned out to be Swifty Lazar, the biggest agent in the world at the time—this was 1989—and sure enough, 15 minutes later I did get fired.”

Creating a One Man Show

Palminteri went home and considered his options. “I thought that if no one was going to give me a great part—and it was very difficult to break into film, obviously—then I’d write one myself.” He wrote the play in increments—every week he wrote more and performed the material at Los Angeles’s Theatre West. “I really honed it and sharpened it,” he said. “About 10 months or a year later, I had a 90-minute one-man show.”

Sticking to an Artistic Vision

Palminteri’s play garnered enough buzz that studios offered anywhere from $250,000 to $1 million to purchase the story rights, but they didn’t want Palminteri to act in it, as he wasn’t a big enough name. De Niro saw the play and decided to help Palminteri out. “At first, I didn’t want anything in the ingredients if I did a film of it—I wanted a totally clean slate—but I saw it and liked it and liked Chazz,” De Niro told Interview Magazine. “While he was writing the screenplay I said, ‘Let me make this clear. If you give it to a studio, they’ll pay you for it and people will get involved and they’ll give the Sonny part to another actor. If you give it to me now, I can guarantee you’ll be in it and we’ll set it up our own way and I’ll have more control, which is what I want. I don’t want any producer getting in the way and telling me what to do.’ I didn’t want all that mishmoshing—I knew what had to be done.”

Breaking Through the Stereotype

In real life, Palminteri’s father was a school bus driver and a saxophone player. “Too many movies speak about us as just gombas or Mafioso,” Palminteri told Roger Ebert. “I wanted a movie about the working man, about a real Italian-American community. The real fabric comes from working men. My dad was similar to Lorenzo. I used to see him put his boots on in the morning to go out and drive the bus. He’d get up in the rain, the snow, smiling, just to make his children’s lives better. That’s all he wanted. No dreams to be this, or that. To me, a man like that is a hero, and I wanted the movie to reflect that.”

Finding an Actor

In casting the film, De Niro wanted to hire non-actors from New York. “One day Marco Greco, who was casting for us, was on Jones Beach and he saw this kid and asked him if he wanted to audition for us,” De Niro told Roger Ebert. “The kid says, ‘You’re not looking for me. You’re looking for my brother.’ And his brother, Lillo Brancato, came out of the water, and started doing impersonations of me and Joe Pesci in Goodfellas. He was great. He was perfect for C. It always excites me to work with people who are new, who fit. To create this world—this medieval village in the Bronx—I needed real teenagers, not actors trying to be teenagers.”

A Warning from an On Screen Father

Soon after the film’s release, Brancato became an in-demand actor, even starring in season two of The Sopranos. But his on-screen father warned him about the trappings of fame. “De Niro came to my house in spring or summer of 1993, not only to warn me, but also my parents,” Brancato told People. “My parents are Italian immigrants and knew nothing about show biz and the temptations that lie ahead. De Niro talked about the changes that will occur in my life. He said this can be very dangerous if not handled the right way.”

A Prison Sentence

Unfortunately, Brancato did not heed De Niro’s advice and ended up serving eight years of a 10-year prison sentence following a 2005 attempted robbery that led to the death of a New York City police officer. Brancato was found guilty of attempted burglary but acquitted of murder. His co-defendant was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

The Challenges of Being an Actor and Director

Because it was De Niro’s first time directing, he turned to regular collaborator Martin Scorsese for some tips. “I asked certain things about the way you do this or that,” De Niro told Interview Magazine. “I also talked to other actors who have turned directors, like Danny DeVito. I guess I felt that I’d be okay. I didn’t want to build up some kind of fear of it. Directing yourself isn’t stressful—you’re just a bit uncomfortable, because when you’re acting, you have to set your mind in a certain way, and then you have to direct everybody else.”

Real Life and Movie Life Merge

Eddie Mush was a gambler both in the movie and in real life. During a racetrack scene in the movie, Mush, Sonny, and Calogero bet on the same horse, Kryptonite, and lose. “We were looking for someone to play Bad Luck Eddie Mush, the guy who is a jinx,” Palminteri told Roger Ebert. “We couldn’t find anyone. Finally I told Bob [De Niro] the real guy, Eddie Montanaro, was still around, 63 years old. Bob saw him and cast him—but I was worried, because Eddie really does bring bad luck, and sure enough, the first day he worked, it rained.”

Doing a New Kind of Role

In 1993, De Niro told Interview Magazine he thought casting himself in the movie would “get it off the ground more easily.” He had already promised Palminteri the role of Sonny, a part De Niro could’ve played, but the role of Lorenzo—Calogero’s father—was more interesting to De Niro. “I hadn’t done this kind of part, and it’s something really different, and I wanted to do it for that reason, because people would expect me to play Sonny. As Lorenzo, I had my own experiences to draw on, and it’s something closer to me because of my kids. I have a son Lillo’s age.”

An Onscreen Romance

One of the film’s main storylines focuses on Calogero’s romance with Jane (Taral Hicks), a black girl from the neighborhood. De Niro told Interview Magazine the plotline almost got excised, but he wanted to keep it in. “People would say, ‘Just make it between a father and a son—that’s really a story in itself,’ which it was. But I felt that to take away any one of those elements would be wrong. The part with Jane is the one part that you didn’t expect, and for that reason alone I didn’t want to take it out. There’s a beginning, middle, and end to this whole relationship. It happens fast. They meet and fall in love and boom!—they come together.”

Help Getting off the Ground

The chairman and CEO of Sony Music—who’s also known as Mariah Carey’s first husband—helped get the musical off the ground. In an interview with The A.V. Club, Palminteri said it was the Bronx-born Tommy Mottola who suggested adapting the film into a Broadway musical. (He ended up producing it.) “Even though I had been trying to do one for years, it was him who put it on his back and made it happen,” Palminteri said. “If not for Tommy Mottola, it would not have happened. He put his money where his mouth was.”

Choosing Love over Fear

During a 2016 interview on The Today Show, Palminteri explained why he thinks the film and musical still resonate today. “There’s the black neighborhood and the Italian neighborhood, and what A Bronx Tale talks about is how people can come together,” he said. “One of the main aspects of the play is: Is it better to choose love or fear? Because Sonny studied Machiavelli in jail. He tells the boy, ‘What do you choose, love or fear?’ In the end, Sonny ends up choosing love. So I think that’s why it’s so relevant today.”

Introducing DIYdigi

Your Website

DocuMystery deals in digital filmmaking but it also explores digital marketing and collaborates with DigiComArts. DigiRefer in turn provides DigiComArts And there’s a new kid in town named DIYdigi. As the name implies it is a do it yourself digital system with a twist. DIY, unlike Wix, SquareSpace and Godaddy, will make your website for you.

eBook Learning

And another difference is that they will also create digital marketing tools for you that will be used by you in a DIY manner to get new customers. They will help you be DIY by supplying you with some of their educational eBooks in PDF form.

Full Service Option

Additionally, you will be given links to several videos so you can teach yoursel how to best use the tools for a maximum result. And if DIY doesn’t appeal to you, DIYdigi also offers full-service alternatives so that updating your tools each month for a new campaign does not fall upon you.

Learn from Mistakes

This really is a complete method that is ever evolving as DIYdigi perfects it. In fact, loves it when clients give them feedback so that they can make the approach better. In order to do this the client needs to activily doing campaigns to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Get New Customers

DIYdigi is a brand-new group. They are just starting out but have a great amount of marketing knowledge among themselves. They decided to put together a step by step methodology that enables the users to get new customers.

Tools Made for You

You may be familiar with “How to Get New Customers” which does just what their name implies. HGNC loves that NIYdigi has entered the arena because now there finally is a collective that is capable of developing tools that “How to Get New Customers” needs in order to get new customers. This organization also works with DigiComArts and DigiRefer.

Hold on to Your Customers

Of course, it’s not just about getting new customers but it also concerns the very real problem of keeping your customers once you get them. You ideally don’t want a heavy turnaround. You want to hold onto your customers.


Built into the fabric of is retention. Retention is executed through the monthly campaigns just as getting new customers is. Both problems are tackled at the same time. How do you learn more about campaigns? Contact DIYdigi.

Newsletter for Contact

The best way to get in touch with DIYdigi is to sign up for the Newsletter. This subscribing action is done on the USAcreate website. And when you subscribe for free you will receive weekly marketing tips and behind the scenes of developing their marketing materials.

Free PDF eBook

Also free is a 10-day email course about marketing. Additionally, when signing up, you get a free instantly downloadable eBook that contains a checklist of all the things you will need to do a 19 part campaign. The eBook is also free.

New Free Option from USA Create

Both USA eLearning and USA Create have collaborated on bringing you new and educational DigiComArts tools!

A Great Option

Over the years has come into contact with a lot of different Online Marketing Arts solutions to be able to promote your DocuMystery creation. But never before have we stumbled upon a better free option than this which is a collaboration between USA Create and DigiRefer plus others.

A Big Apple Project so You Know You’re Going to Want to Take a Bite!

The Newsletter is a free weekly newsletter that comes to you direct from New York City which is one of the most competitive areas in terms of offering Online Marketing Arts Services. And when you start to receive your free newsletter you’ll begin to understand why is so successful in the challenging Manhattan, NY.

Works for You Regardless of Your Business or Career

Getting your instantly downloadable free checklist and eBook is very helpful because the publication has all in one place, the kinds of tools that you are going to need in order to be competitive in the marketplace of whatever is your particular business or career.

At No Cost to You

The 10 Day Email Course is an awesome way to, in only 10 days, get a perspective on how to market yourself. A new email is conveniently delivered to your inbox with information informing you of your DigiComArts tools options. And the best thing is that it is at no cost to you. Go to USA Create now.

You’re Not Going to Pass This Up for Your DocuMystery

Although the newsletter, checklist and email course information and knowledge can be applied to any type of business or career, it is especially useful to those of your who are developing documystery projects. And you know if DigiRefer is involved it is going to be good.

No Need to Pay for Marketing

Your documystery projects will be benefited by knowning the free tools you have access to to increase the audience for your documystery once you finish using them. You’ll get an education on how to promote your project, without even paying anything if you so decide!