Can a DocuMystery Educate or Even be Used to Sell Something?

Do DocuMysteries and Advertising Fit Together?

The genre known as “Documystery” has become extremely popular as of late with large audiences, due in part to the fact that far reaching streaming services like Netflix have added them front and center in their programming. Therefore, the popularity of documysteries can be harnessed in ways that have been little used thus far. They can offer filmmakers, producers, and marketing agencies a platform for being able to entertain while educating and even promoting.

Your Passion Topic as Inspiration for a Business Idea?

But how do you do this? Our friends at “USA Make a Difference,” today posted a short post about how it could be limiting to just search for a business idea by only looking for a concept within something that you are already passionate about. According to them, it is difficult sometimes to create a business from your passion. They say only having the industry of your passion to work with for the entrepreneurial development of a product does not open up all the possibilities you can draw from. Some business consultants believe that you would be more likely to find a problem/need/desire to turn into a product/service to solve that problem, if you did not limit yourself to a single industry.

Figure Out Your Business Idea and then Use it as a Source of Ideas for Developing Your DocuMystery!

The same can be the case for developing and ultimately making a DocuMystery. If you have a passion about something it can certainly be a place to search within while seeking a business idea and then in turn a DocuMystery story. But the more open you are to other possibilities (other industries) you may be surprised about how many more DocuMystery stories will be revealed for you! The key of course is finding an industry that has a big need of some kind, which you can then use to come up with a product/service to sell to them in the form of a business offer that provides that solution. This business idea can then be applied as a source of ideas for your DocuMystery! In other words, integrate what you are pitching with the development of a script.

Digital Consumption

What is it?

DocuMystery as a genre has achieved what we always knew it would: acceptance by those seeking entertainment. This is due in large part to the ever-growing consumption of digital experiences via our phones and other devices. Experiences include television and movies that are produced at a lower cost because of a DocuMystery’s minimalistic needs in terms of crew and other aspects of production.

Introducing a Fresh POV

A new form of filmmaking evolved, with few requirements other than having a phone to film with and a sense of story. Programs began popping up and overtook the “reality based” genre. This new approach leveraged the notion that anyone can make movies now, pushing it to new and intimate heights.

Making it Through the Night

TLC seems to have a formula that is working. They create entertainment that appears to be designed in such a way as to offer the viewer video verité consisting of folks befuddled with problems. A lure for watching appears to be to put the viewer in the position of looking at the challenges others face so they can feel more together about themselves. Someone watching, these “real life” stories, is provided with an opportunity to see others who are so clearly in denial. It affords the opportunity to become armchair psychologists by determining the solutions for the onscreen characters as a form of escapism from our own problems in these challenging times.

Yianni Stamas Talks About a Possible Simplified Way to Launch Your DocuMystery Idea

Why Today is Notable

Did you know that on this day, December 17 in 1903 that two brothers known as “Wright” were the first ever to fly in an airplane? What does this have to do with making Documysteries? It is yet another influence that makers of documysteries can have for their work: planes. Whole movies have featured documysteries that occur on the form of transportation. Sometimes in the documystery something scary happens onboard and now it is a fight against time to try to make things (pardon the pun) Wright (sorry).

Airplanes Can Make Shooting DocuMysteries Easier

The terrific thing about shooting a movie on a plane of course is that it is like the “House Movie” where all the action takes place in one area. This makes the shooting of the DocuMystery a lot easier because the crew and actors don’t have to move from location to location or even studio set to studio set.

If You are at the Beginning of Developing a DocuMystery Here is a Possible Option

Are you working on developing a DocyMystery? If so we would love to hear about it. We know that all across the United States of America that innovators are working on pet projects, some of which come to fruition and some that do not. For those of you who are thinking of making a DocuMystery but have no idea where to start, a possible suggestion is to write it as a novel first. That way you don’t have to worry about pulling actors and a crew together. As my late mentor once said “All you need to write is a pen and a piece of paper.” And while you are writing the screenplay version you can even promote and sell your novel on Amazon!

Where’s the Humor?

Humor is defined as being the quality of being amusing or comic, especially as expressed in literature or speech. “his tales are full of humor”

We bring this up in DocuMystery because the real question we are going to be looking at is, is whether or not this particular tale tickles your funny bone?

The link above leads to the website of the Stamas Bros, who have pitched to DocuMystery a redo of the classic movie “Shane.” They got this idea on Wikipedia:

“Two Japanese companies began selling budget-priced copies of Shane in 2003, based on a Japanese copyright law that, at the time, protected cinematographic works for 50 years from the year of their release.”

The Bros are hoping that this law allows them to do do an homage to this, their favorite motion picture that has horses in it. Sadly, there are no bison. 

We Interrupt This Program

We interrupt this program to bring you this important hypnotic message.

People joke about the technique of hypnotism and in movies and TV we often hear the phrase

“You are getting sleepy, very sleepy…”

There is some truth in that technique. Studies have shown that in your sleep or a sleepy waken state, you can have the focus of mind necessary to achieve a state of being hypnotized.

We use the example of hypnotism as showing an important aspect of the “Billionaire Technique.” In other words, the more simple and directed your thoughts are, the better you have a chance at not only becoming a billionaire but being more likely to achieve whatever your goals are.

If you don’t have a direct plan to billions how can you get there.

Remember though, things do not always occur in a linear fashion, and you will be prone to many setbacks and therefore the reevaluation of you direction.

Can you flow with it? Are you going to be able to pick yourself up if things do not go as you want them to?

Have you ever heard the phrase:

“Everything happens for a reason?”

Some people reject this notion as hogwash. But when you think about it, even if you are not a spiritualist, “Everything happens for a reason,” can also mean “Explore the opportunity that comes up.”

Another way of putting it is that if you experience a setback, such as being pushed away by an investor, what is the silver lining that you experience? What is the opportunity? How can you reset and move forward in a way that is more accurate and forceful than the step you were trying to create but that fell down for you due to extraneous occurrences such as not achieving a bullet point as you anticipated it should be. What is a better step to take that will move you even farther forward.

People are limited in their perception. Had they been more open to the step you proposed to them, then they might have benefitted from it. Wish them well for their shortsightedness, AND MOVE ON!



More Marketing for Your Film

We’ve been getting positive feedback on our posts that examine marketing tools, so with this blog entry we are continuing doing so.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a vast topic that endless eBooks have been written about. Some important key takeaways in regards to SEO is the suggestion not to try to game the system in seeking a first page position. Follow all the best practices when developing content for your website. Try to have a thesis stated up front and then proceed to prove it or illuminate.

The key is that paragraph to paragraph you have material that stays focused. Also, making numbered lists have been shown to be as of this writing, desired by search engines. This could change any minute so the key to good SEO is tracking what at any particular moment is the most transparent and useful way to design content for your website or blog.

Writing useful content can be in direct correlation with being profitable because your audience is seeking information that could relate to your industry, so the more authentically you communicate with them, the more likely they will be to buy from you.

Got a Film to Promote? Have You Considered Dark Social?

The Importance of Dark Social in Communication

This is important to know because at the present time these words were written, Dark Social is responsible for an estimated 50 – 80 percent of all Social Media. That makes Dark Social all the more important. The problem is that up until fairly recently it was not possible to track Dark Social analytics as it is possible with other forms of social.

Even Texting is a Form of Dark Social

A form of social media is considered to be Dark Social when the reader makes a copy of a URL of some sort and shares it with another person via their choice of popular means including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or WeChat. Even a SMS text ways of sharing falls under the heading of Dark Social.

It Could Come Back to Bite You

Many believe that Dark Social will overtake conventional Social Media because of the desire for private messaging. The reason is that individuals are becoming aware of oversharing in a public platform that could come back to bite them.

Do You Ever Feel Like You’re Being Followed?

I feel eyes upon me!

Being Followed?

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like I’m being followed both online and off. The offline experience of being stalked hasn’t happened for a while because I’ve only been outside one time in more than 100 days. I’m talking about the Coronavirus Lockdown of course.

Real Life Documystery

But since being inside so much and turning to my laptop as my entertainment and work center, most of this creepy being “under someone’s eyes” sensibility is technologically based. In point of fact, I have proof of some of the surveillance, other times it’s just a gut emotion. I’m not going to get into detail about all of this but my existence has become a real life documystery.


I haven’t been documenting this documystery near enough, but I have started doing so now. Remember: “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you!”

Why Do I Like Documysteries and Mysteries?

Figuring Out an Attraction to Mysteries

It’s ironically a mystery for me why I like mysteries? I mean, sure, it could be as simple as I am compelled to seek cerebral secrets . So the puzzle of wondering who the killer or perpetrator is pulls me in?. Could it be as simple as that?

A Real Sense of Magic

Or maybe it is because of having been a semi-pro magician from ages 8 – 18 during which time I was obsessed with magic and mystery. As a creator and user of magic effects, back then and today I can figure out pretty easily the secrets of what other magicians are doing in their acts. But mystery books would sometimes stump me. As silly as it sounds was it that I wanted a real sense of magic that a good mystery possesses?

Making a Mystery into an Intellectual Exercise

Another possibility is that a fascination with killers and other evil doers brings about fear in me.  A mystery can make this fear more into an intellectual unwinding of who the killer is and why. Also, at this time, the killers and other criminals in my urban home, have been roused as of late to come out of the shadows. The more intellectual something is, sometimes the more distancing it can become. Whatever the answer is, “mystery” is a big part of my enjoying the act of creating or watching a documystery, so whatever the answer to “why?” is, it continues to be one of my passions.

DocuMystery Can Be Manic Media

Can’t Get Enough

There are a lot of people who are hooked on documysteries and can’t get enough. They have available to them all different kinds of media through which to pursue that which makes them manic: a love for the merging of mysteries with documentaries.


Have you ever noticed that in Netflix there is the tracking of the kind of programing you like and they present you with titles that hopefully match your taste? Netflix thinks I like mystery/thrillers and comedies and this is pretty much true. Sometimes I’ll watch a thriller that makes me bummed out about the world so I then need to view a comedy to rehabilitate.

Media Madness

How does this apply to the DocuMystery? Most likely those who like documysteries like I do have a need in their brain to tap into these flicks. We’re not saying to stop watching, but rather to make you aware of what could be happening with you: media madness?!