Methodology is Proven

It is one filmmaker on her or his own plus some actors in the new methodology.

It Just Takes One

It was just a few years ago that the methodology was proven. The idea was to show that it was possible for one person to write, direct, film, act in, edit and more, their own motion picture. As we’ve mentioned in the past, we only got to the point of editing on the project, but all along the way to that point was done by a single individual.

A Part of the Evolution

What does this mean to USA filmmaking? It shows a foreshadowing of what it to come. There may always be blockbusters that employ hundreds of artisans, but the single person filmmaker will likely evolve as a method of making movies.

Become an ArtisticPreneur

Even the business end can be done by the same person filming, thanks to the introduction of the ArtisticPreneur in the domain of Entertainment Entrepreneurship. And now USA How To, the experts of “How To” have stepped in to document the technique.