Introducing DIYdigi

Your Website

DocuMystery deals in digital filmmaking but it also explores digital marketing and collaborates with DigiComArts. DigiRefer in turn provides DigiComArts And there’s a new kid in town named DIYdigi. As the name implies it is a do it yourself digital system with a twist. DIY, unlike Wix, SquareSpace and Godaddy, will make your website for you.

eBook Learning

And another difference is that they will also create digital marketing tools for you that will be used by you in a DIY manner to get new customers. They will help you be DIY by supplying you with some of their educational eBooks in PDF form.

Full Service Option

Additionally, you will be given links to several videos so you can teach yoursel how to best use the tools for a maximum result. And if DIY doesn’t appeal to you, DIYdigi also offers full-service alternatives so that updating your tools each month for a new campaign does not fall upon you.

Learn from Mistakes

This really is a complete method that is ever evolving as DIYdigi perfects it. In fact, loves it when clients give them feedback so that they can make the approach better. In order to do this the client needs to activily doing campaigns to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Get New Customers

DIYdigi is a brand-new group. They are just starting out but have a great amount of marketing knowledge among themselves. They decided to put together a step by step methodology that enables the users to get new customers.

Tools Made for You

You may be familiar with “How to Get New Customers” which does just what their name implies. HGNC loves that NIYdigi has entered the arena because now there finally is a collective that is capable of developing tools that “How to Get New Customers” needs in order to get new customers. This organization also works with DigiComArts and DigiRefer.

Hold on to Your Customers

Of course, it’s not just about getting new customers but it also concerns the very real problem of keeping your customers once you get them. You ideally don’t want a heavy turnaround. You want to hold onto your customers.


Built into the fabric of is retention. Retention is executed through the monthly campaigns just as getting new customers is. Both problems are tackled at the same time. How do you learn more about campaigns? Contact DIYdigi.

Newsletter for Contact

The best way to get in touch with DIYdigi is to sign up for the Newsletter. This subscribing action is done on the USAcreate website. And when you subscribe for free you will receive weekly marketing tips and behind the scenes of developing their marketing materials.

Free PDF eBook

Also free is a 10-day email course about marketing. Additionally, when signing up, you get a free instantly downloadable eBook that contains a checklist of all the things you will need to do a 19 part campaign. The eBook is also free.