If You are an Expert, it is Important to Use it


The original idea of DocuMystery was that it was a feature or television genre. It can mean much more. People love mystery and a good tale, and documentaries have merged a bit (actually a lot) with unreal mystery, and clear manipulation. What comes to mind are the fake “Search for Ghosts” shows where in “reality” poltergeists and other apparitions.

One Within Another Within Another

As you know, especially if you are an expert in your industry, that the field at large is not just one thing, but there are categories within categories. You might start with just two or three words regarding what your industry is, but then you need to find the subheadings and even the subheadings of the subheadings.

A Bit Like the Stock Market

The goal is to figure out a single aspect of your industry that has customers who are underserved. Just like in the stock market, you might try to select a stock that could be perceived as not having potential and is overlooked. But in your research, you have reason to believe the stock’s value is going to go up.

Give them What they Need, or at Least Perceive as Needing

Of course, this kind of thing is a gamble, especially in these sometimes-chaotic days. But if you do have insight into an industry, comb your field for any individuals who are not getting what they need, therefore you can supply in the form of “How To” eBooks what they need.

How do You do a Test Marketing of Your Book or Book Series?

If you have a couple of social media accounts, one way you can evaluate your idea is to set up a page on your website, or if you do not have a site, you could use a sales page. You need to find a free forever version of an email marketing setup with no outlay. There are a couple of these that can be found easily in a search.

Free Forever

You can get a free forever plan from companies that are promoting the premium versions of what they do by giving you free access. The tradeoff is often that when you use their app for free that there will be advertising of the company you are working with.

Subscriptions, Subscriptions, Subscriptions

Now that you have an email signup on a sales page, your social media sites can be used to see if you can get interest in your idea. Be helpful and provide value to people assisting them with solving their problems that they have in your industry. This can lead to them being made aware of your newsletter and potentially subscribe to it.