Elevator Speech

Are you a documystery filmmaker who also does other media services for clients? If yes then you have likely heard of the term “Elevator Pitch” meaning being able to talk about what you do for a living in the length of time it would take you to ride in an elevator.

Now that USA Create is a reality, the founder of it is adding the collective into his elevator speech. We show you now his elevator speech at the time of writing this which could change/evolve at any moment to something else. Here now it is it at the present moment:

“Hi. I’m a Website Marketing Guy therefore you can reach me at WebsiteMarketingGuy.com. I have a company called USAcreate. We create online marketing made in the USA. What makes us different from other marketing companies is that we specialize in promoting those in the mind/body/spirit space and have created a special website just for that which is called MarketYourJourney.com. The concept is that your story is your most powerful promotional tool. What’s your story?”

So there you have it. Things that our founder talks about in the elevator. What’s your elevator speech?