DIY Digi is a Site About “Do it Yourself Digital” that is Thematically Aligned with DocuMystery, Not Just in Terms of Solutions to Problems, but also on Topics such as U.S. Ageism

If you have been on the DIY Digi site lately, you likely noticed that recently they have started to take on the topic of “U.S. Ageism” which is quite relevant these days. Because of the intensely fast rate technology is evolving, older people are finding it harder and harder to compete in the jobs market, even if they have the skillset being sought by the employer. Most are unable even to get an interview.

And for that reason they are taking a look at an entrepreneurial approach. But when taking a gander at what is required, they often pull back in fear. Two words represent why post middle age folks are giving in to failure: Digital Tools. And as DocuMystery readers know, this is an area that we have been recommending for years. Because if you do not have the right tools, you cannot build the house.

But wonder if you are sixty? You are still relatively young in the “Old Age” bracket, and you are likely even still employed if you are lucky. But you may be finding yourself thinking about and concerned with is the next step. Retirement or the lack of being able to do so.

Were you stupid about money in your years of youthfulness? You are not alone. Many of us did the same thing. But even if you have gotten smarter about it starting in your 50’s (when you got that AARP offer in the mail) you do not have much of a nest egg to write home about. But how long will you be able to work? But worst yet, will you ever get hire?

DIY Digi tells us that that we can do it ourselves using digital? Oh no, we have gone full circle back to Digital Tools. We don’t fully understand digital tools. Sure, we can work a computer of course, plus the basics to get through the work day, but we do not really know anything about tools. And for that matter, what digital tools. This is true of a certain percentage of older folks.

But do not worry. The digital tools we are talking about are quite easy to use. In fact, they make the process of marketing yourself to others, quite simple. This is in part because there is not longer the internal questions you might have regarding “where to even start?”