Digital Consumption

What is it?

DocuMystery as a genre has achieved what we always knew it would: acceptance by those seeking entertainment. This is due in large part to the ever-growing consumption of digital experiences via our phones and other devices. Experiences include television and movies that are produced at a lower cost because of a DocuMystery’s minimalistic needs in terms of crew and other aspects of production.

Introducing a Fresh POV

A new form of filmmaking evolved, with few requirements other than having a phone to film with and a sense of story. Programs began popping up and overtook the “reality based” genre. This new approach leveraged the notion that anyone can make movies now, pushing it to new and intimate heights.

Making it Through the Night

TLC seems to have a formula that is working. They create entertainment that appears to be designed in such a way as to offer the viewer video verité consisting of folks befuddled with problems. A lure for watching appears to be to put the viewer in the position of looking at the challenges others face so they can feel more together about themselves. Someone watching, these “real life” stories, is provided with an opportunity to see others who are so clearly in denial. It affords the opportunity to become armchair psychologists by determining the solutions for the onscreen characters as a form of escapism from our own problems in these challenging times.