Can a DocuMystery Educate or Even be Used to Sell Something?

Do DocuMysteries and Advertising Fit Together?

The genre known as “Documystery” has become extremely popular as of late with large audiences, due in part to the fact that far reaching streaming services like Netflix have added them front and center in their programming. Therefore, the popularity of documysteries can be harnessed in ways that have been little used thus far. They can offer filmmakers, producers, and marketing agencies a platform for being able to entertain while educating and even promoting.

Your Passion Topic as Inspiration for a Business Idea?

But how do you do this? Our friends at “USA Make a Difference,” today posted a short post about how it could be limiting to just search for a business idea by only looking for a concept within something that you are already passionate about. According to them, it is difficult sometimes to create a business from your passion. They say only having the industry of your passion to work with for the entrepreneurial development of a product does not open up all the possibilities you can draw from. Some business consultants believe that you would be more likely to find a problem/need/desire to turn into a product/service to solve that problem, if you did not limit yourself to a single industry.

Figure Out Your Business Idea and then Use it as a Source of Ideas for Developing Your DocuMystery!

The same can be the case for developing and ultimately making a DocuMystery. If you have a passion about something it can certainly be a place to search within while seeking a business idea and then in turn a DocuMystery story. But the more open you are to other possibilities (other industries) you may be surprised about how many more DocuMystery stories will be revealed for you! The key of course is finding an industry that has a big need of some kind, which you can then use to come up with a product/service to sell to them in the form of a business offer that provides that solution. This business idea can then be applied as a source of ideas for your DocuMystery! In other words, integrate what you are pitching with the development of a script.