DocuMystery Presents an Opportunity for Entrepreneurs and those Wanting to Start a Film Company or Small Business in an Industry of Your Interest

Get what You Want on the Horizon for Your Camera or other Industry of Your Liking

Useful Project is in the Works

If you are someone who visits Blog Coalition sites, then you may know about how the various online locations are participating in getting the word out. In this current instance, we are talking about the project known as LIFE INTO MONEY which over the course of 10 easy, fast and effective installments and steps, uncovers useful techniques that can be used to not only make business and life problems into solutions, but make them into products as well.

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Hurray for Digital

Embrace failure as a learning experience. Don’t let fear of failure hold you back. Instead, use it as a stepping stone to success. And one of the really terrific benefits about it is that it can be all digital, so if you wanted it, you could use it in the comfort of your own home. And one of the digital participants in this undertaking is DIY Digi that take their own look at the idea and METHOD HOW that it becomes possible to turn LIFE INTO MONEY.

You’ve Heard it Before, But it is True

Learn from your mistakes and use the lessons you’ve learned to improve and grow. By embracing failure as a learning experience, you’ll be able to take risks and try new things without the fear of failure holding you back.

The third Step of 10

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Finding Solutions

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Is a DocuMystery just a DocuMystery or can it also Provide another use such as Community Marketing?

It is Popular

If you are the entrepreneurial type of individual who is also interested in experimenting with the genre which is quite popular at the moment…DocuMystery, also known as True Crime. in short, we are working toward showing that the “DocuMystery” especially when referred to as “True Crime” is a sought after category of television program.

What Can be Done with Something that has a Lot of Interest?

Leveraging what draws in the audience is one of the best ways to doing Community Marketing. When you have a type of video that is popular that you are interested in creating, this can mean that developing their entity could be seen as a form of community or event marketing.

Event or Community Marketing?

Yes. The strategy is much like how big movie companies work in terms of promoting their movies. Often the idea of “special interest” stories, delves into a kind of “behind the scenes” angle in which we learn more about the people involved in doing the project. “Humanizing” the story is what some call it.

But Why DocuMystery and True Crime?

Let’s say you had a business that had an actual brick and mortar location. If this company’s storefront is where the DocyMystery is being filmed, then in a kind of “product placement” can be mentioned several times in interviews and other coverage.

No Longer have to Be Limited to Journalists

Times have changed recently and video channels are taking off and bringing in viewership. If you have your own video channel you can do a weekly, even daily, coverage of your project and where it is being filmed.

Making a Difference is Win-WIn

If your DocuMystery has a topic that intersects with community and helping people, this can actually draw in even more interest.

The Sky is the Limit

As long as you are organized and have good and exciting presentation items to show, you should be able to use this unique brand of community marketing to not only have a positive impact on your online or offline neighborhood while also building curiosity about your company or whatever it is that you are promoting.

DIY Digi is a Site About “Do it Yourself Digital” that is Thematically Aligned with DocuMystery, Not Just in Terms of Solutions to Problems, but also on Topics such as U.S. Ageism

If you have been on the DIY Digi site lately, you likely noticed that recently they have started to take on the topic of “U.S. Ageism” which is quite relevant these days. Because of the intensely fast rate technology is evolving, older people are finding it harder and harder to compete in the jobs market, even if they have the skillset being sought by the employer. Most are unable even to get an interview.

And for that reason they are taking a look at an entrepreneurial approach. But when taking a gander at what is required, they often pull back in fear. Two words represent why post middle age folks are giving in to failure: Digital Tools. And as DocuMystery readers know, this is an area that we have been recommending for years. Because if you do not have the right tools, you cannot build the house.

But wonder if you are sixty? You are still relatively young in the “Old Age” bracket, and you are likely even still employed if you are lucky. But you may be finding yourself thinking about and concerned with is the next step. Retirement or the lack of being able to do so.

Were you stupid about money in your years of youthfulness? You are not alone. Many of us did the same thing. But even if you have gotten smarter about it starting in your 50’s (when you got that AARP offer in the mail) you do not have much of a nest egg to write home about. But how long will you be able to work? But worst yet, will you ever get hire?

DIY Digi tells us that that we can do it ourselves using digital? Oh no, we have gone full circle back to Digital Tools. We don’t fully understand digital tools. Sure, we can work a computer of course, plus the basics to get through the work day, but we do not really know anything about tools. And for that matter, what digital tools. This is true of a certain percentage of older folks.

But do not worry. The digital tools we are talking about are quite easy to use. In fact, they make the process of marketing yourself to others, quite simple. This is in part because there is not longer the internal questions you might have regarding “where to even start?”

If You are an Expert, it is Important to Use it


The original idea of DocuMystery was that it was a feature or television genre. It can mean much more. People love mystery and a good tale, and documentaries have merged a bit (actually a lot) with unreal mystery, and clear manipulation. What comes to mind are the fake “Search for Ghosts” shows where in “reality” poltergeists and other apparitions.

One Within Another Within Another

As you know, especially if you are an expert in your industry, that the field at large is not just one thing, but there are categories within categories. You might start with just two or three words regarding what your industry is, but then you need to find the subheadings and even the subheadings of the subheadings.

A Bit Like the Stock Market

The goal is to figure out a single aspect of your industry that has customers who are underserved. Just like in the stock market, you might try to select a stock that could be perceived as not having potential and is overlooked. But in your research, you have reason to believe the stock’s value is going to go up.

Give them What they Need, or at Least Perceive as Needing

Of course, this kind of thing is a gamble, especially in these sometimes-chaotic days. But if you do have insight into an industry, comb your field for any individuals who are not getting what they need, therefore you can supply in the form of “How To” eBooks what they need.

How do You do a Test Marketing of Your Book or Book Series?

If you have a couple of social media accounts, one way you can evaluate your idea is to set up a page on your website, or if you do not have a site, you could use a sales page. You need to find a free forever version of an email marketing setup with no outlay. There are a couple of these that can be found easily in a search.

Free Forever

You can get a free forever plan from companies that are promoting the premium versions of what they do by giving you free access. The tradeoff is often that when you use their app for free that there will be advertising of the company you are working with.

Subscriptions, Subscriptions, Subscriptions

Now that you have an email signup on a sales page, your social media sites can be used to see if you can get interest in your idea. Be helpful and provide value to people assisting them with solving their problems that they have in your industry. This can lead to them being made aware of your newsletter and potentially subscribe to it.

WARNING Do Not Set Your EYES on this Post if You are a Filmmaker Who Thinks You are Funny But are Not!

I know, I know. There is nothing even the least bit amusing about the heading and image used that are launching this entry.

And to make matters worse, I had hoped to sprinkle this installment with the “F” word (Filmmaker) but ended up having to use the term “Comedian” instead.

I have a hypothesis.

My theory is basically that there are two kinds of people, those who are funny and those who are not. But the irony sometimes is that those who think they are funny are in some ways more apt to not be, than those who do not think they are.

Let’s start with people who don’t think they’re funny and would never picture themselves as being capable of having a career as a standup comic.

Especially in social situations where the joking and one-liners are flying back and forth at light speed, because they are insecure about their prowess to zing and zang, they sit there nodding their head up and down, with a grin that looks put-on, because it is.

The truth is that these very nice folks are incapable of participating in such antics even though they would like nothing more than to be able to. But tragically they are zinger deprived.

In such situations they have no effortless punchline or snappy retort at their fingertips. So instead, they do nothing, hoping that it is not noticed that they do not have any “comebacks.”

Therefore, what do they do? Nothing. They are quiet, sweet and and sincere. Awkward. Apologetic. Sensitive. Helpful. Giving. Even loving. But have zero faith in their jolliness.

If only they had the confidence to throw something out into the arena. Even if it was entirely not on target and was the wrong pie in the face at the wrong time, others would be forgiving.

We want to laugh WITH them, not AT them. Rewarding them with a big guffaw whenever we possibly can.

But the flipside of this is what was described at the start of this post. Someone who is CONVINCED beyond belief that they ARE a human chuckle machine.

There is nothing more annoying and not funny than someone who is certain they are wonderful with farce and other variations of the sidesplitting arts but are not the least bit uproarious.

They see themselves, when it comes to being whimsical, as having the Midas Touch. Meaning every clownish interlude they present, turns to jocular gold.

But if you recall the tale of King Midas, he gets his wish granted that everything he touches turns to, well, gold.

At first, he is thrilled about how how simple it is now to become richer and richer.

And when the greedy king meets with his daughter to share his good fortune, they say their hellos as they briefly embrace.

But then tragedy strikes. The royal’s beloved offspring turns into, yes that again, gold.

He loses his child. He loses what he truly valued much more than a precious metal.

What is the moral of the story?

It is that if you go to a comedy club to see your new boss doing his “side hustle” onstage and realize while he is performing that he is one of those people who THINKS they are funny but AREN’T after the show do NOT shake his hand!

Do You Want to Make a Digital Movie but are Terrified that if You do so and then You Can’t Get a Deal, Your Career as a Filmmaker will be Up in Smoke?!

If you are an emerging filmmaker then you know first hand how pursuing your career right now can be even more challenging than it was for the fledgling group of contenders who came before you. First off, most of the big video stream subscribe companies will not touch the work of a newbie.

“Okay,” your say to yourself, “That is fine because I am going to put my film online and charge people to view it.”

One would think that now, thanks to access to the web and top level streaming video, it should be easier than ever to show your movie online and get people to shell out to see it. If your digital motion picture has has won a lot of the important awards and has a celeb in it, the going is gonna be tough.

We’re talking about a fiction picture here. If your work is nonfiction and tells the view how to do something they are desperately hungry to learn about and can’t find anywhere else to acquire this knowledge, you could do okay.

But if you already made your film and it has a fictional storyline with no celebs, no big trophies and no high production value (although sometimes you don’ need this) then get ready to climb the gigantic towering mountain.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re not saying that there’s no hope or way for you to buck the odds, some have. But, you have your work cutout for you.

But let us say you are early in the curve of your status, and do not want to do a horrible 9 to 5 gig, then you have probably looked into doing online course videos. If you are already doing this, good for you.

But if you haven’t, you owe it to yourself to check out some of the top companies doing it that are just an internet search away. You know the kind of instructional teaching flicks we are talking about. Ones that have a title that start with “How to,” then fill in the rest.

But remember. You need to have a topic you are teaching that no one else has, and in the best scenario, is unable to be copied because you or someone you know is the leading expert and is in your educational video.

Again, we are not trying to discourage you because doing a digital breakthrough is possible, but sadly, statistically, is not likely. But if you are one of the chosen few who can do this, we would LOVE to be wrong!

Can a DocuMystery Educate or Even be Used to Sell Something?

Do DocuMysteries and Advertising Fit Together?

The genre known as “Documystery” has become extremely popular as of late with large audiences, due in part to the fact that far reaching streaming services like Netflix have added them front and center in their programming. Therefore, the popularity of documysteries can be harnessed in ways that have been little used thus far. They can offer filmmakers, producers, and marketing agencies a platform for being able to entertain while educating and even promoting.

Your Passion Topic as Inspiration for a Business Idea?

But how do you do this? Our friends at “USA Make a Difference,” today posted a short post about how it could be limiting to just search for a business idea by only looking for a concept within something that you are already passionate about. According to them, it is difficult sometimes to create a business from your passion. They say only having the industry of your passion to work with for the entrepreneurial development of a product does not open up all the possibilities you can draw from. Some business consultants believe that you would be more likely to find a problem/need/desire to turn into a product/service to solve that problem, if you did not limit yourself to a single industry.

Figure Out Your Business Idea and then Use it as a Source of Ideas for Developing Your DocuMystery!

The same can be the case for developing and ultimately making a DocuMystery. If you have a passion about something it can certainly be a place to search within while seeking a business idea and then in turn a DocuMystery story. But the more open you are to other possibilities (other industries) you may be surprised about how many more DocuMystery stories will be revealed for you! The key of course is finding an industry that has a big need of some kind, which you can then use to come up with a product/service to sell to them in the form of a business offer that provides that solution. This business idea can then be applied as a source of ideas for your DocuMystery! In other words, integrate what you are pitching with the development of a script.

Digital Consumption

What is it?

DocuMystery as a genre has achieved what we always knew it would: acceptance by those seeking entertainment. This is due in large part to the ever-growing consumption of digital experiences via our phones and other devices. Experiences include television and movies that are produced at a lower cost because of a DocuMystery’s minimalistic needs in terms of crew and other aspects of production.

Introducing a Fresh POV

A new form of filmmaking evolved, with few requirements other than having a phone to film with and a sense of story. Programs began popping up and overtook the “reality based” genre. This new approach leveraged the notion that anyone can make movies now, pushing it to new and intimate heights.

Making it Through the Night

TLC seems to have a formula that is working. They create entertainment that appears to be designed in such a way as to offer the viewer video verité consisting of folks befuddled with problems. A lure for watching appears to be to put the viewer in the position of looking at the challenges others face so they can feel more together about themselves. Someone watching, these “real life” stories, is provided with an opportunity to see others who are so clearly in denial. It affords the opportunity to become armchair psychologists by determining the solutions for the onscreen characters as a form of escapism from our own problems in these challenging times.

Yianni Stamas Talks About a Possible Simplified Way to Launch Your DocuMystery Idea

Why Today is Notable

Did you know that on this day, December 17 in 1903 that two brothers known as “Wright” were the first ever to fly in an airplane? What does this have to do with making Documysteries? It is yet another influence that makers of documysteries can have for their work: planes. Whole movies have featured documysteries that occur on the form of transportation. Sometimes in the documystery something scary happens onboard and now it is a fight against time to try to make things (pardon the pun) Wright (sorry).

Airplanes Can Make Shooting DocuMysteries Easier

The terrific thing about shooting a movie on a plane of course is that it is like the “House Movie” where all the action takes place in one area. This makes the shooting of the DocuMystery a lot easier because the crew and actors don’t have to move from location to location or even studio set to studio set.

If You are at the Beginning of Developing a DocuMystery Here is a Possible Option

Are you working on developing a DocyMystery? If so we would love to hear about it. We know that all across the United States of America that innovators are working on pet projects, some of which come to fruition and some that do not. For those of you who are thinking of making a DocuMystery but have no idea where to start, a possible suggestion is to write it as a novel first. That way you don’t have to worry about pulling actors and a crew together. As my late mentor once said “All you need to write is a pen and a piece of paper.” And while you are writing the screenplay version you can even promote and sell your novel on Amazon!

Where’s the Humor?

Humor is defined as being the quality of being amusing or comic, especially as expressed in literature or speech. “his tales are full of humor”

We bring this up in DocuMystery because the real question we are going to be looking at is, is whether or not this particular tale tickles your funny bone?

The link above leads to the website of the Stamas Bros, who have pitched to DocuMystery a redo of the classic movie “Shane.” They got this idea on Wikipedia:

“Two Japanese companies began selling budget-priced copies of Shane in 2003, based on a Japanese copyright law that, at the time, protected cinematographic works for 50 years from the year of their release.”

The Bros are hoping that this law allows them to do do an homage to this, their favorite motion picture that has horses in it. Sadly, there are no bison.