Gets New Page

Jumping for joy over ArtisticPreneur'com's Web Page
At we’re jumping for joy over’s new page.

Under a Microscope

A website that we watch closely here at DocuMystery Central is Why? Because this website leans toward being an informational marketing site.

ArtisticPreneurial Growth

The rumor is that has planned on adding several new pages in the next couple of months. As of this writing there is a new pull-down submenu in the About section. The name of the new page is Mission and Vision.

Out of its Element

The interesting thing about the new page is that fact that it has a Mission and Vision at all. It’s usually nonprofit sites that do this. Also when we read the Mission and Vision it proved to be very idealistic. The collective of media artists freelancers at tend to be realists, or even cynical.

Is America Getting Better or Worse?

How then does a group of realists put as their Mission/Vision page something so clearly full of “hope?” I mean, isn’t the evidence out there that our country has been hijacked? Things keep getting worse and worse. How then the hope?

Hoping for Hope

Having hope is something some artists have. We hope hope will spread along the lines of this pull-down submenu.