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Lights Camera Read - Review Me NYC - Platinum Pias Awards - How to Win a Pia

Meet Yianni Stamas ( left). He is the producer of the Platinum Pias Awards and is the publicist, filmmaker and magician who founded VFW (Video Film Web) Inc. in 2001. To the right is his long time friend and marketing client, actor Alex Corrado who is the host of the Platinum Pias Awards at Robert De Niro's Tribeca Screening Room and is known for throwing Anthony Hopkins in the back of a van then getting eaten by wild boars at the end of the movie "Hannibal" (based on a book).

Question: how does a book like "Hannibal" get made into a movie? Answer: through a marketing campaign process that is very similar to how you might promote your career or business to a higher level.

A few words from Mr. Stamas:

My passion and excitement of exploring the "mystery of marketing" combines two of my most favorite things - mystery thrillers as well as looking at how to communicate through a marketing mission and message about what you do, so that you reach your perfect audience for the solution you provide.

That's what your career or business really is. You are a solution provider providing a solution to a problem that your clients or employers have.

How to Campaign to Win This Year's Lights Camera Read Documystery Contest as Well as Promote Your Emerging Career or New Business.

If you are in the salon, spa or salon industry there is a detailed article on methods of winning a Pia at Look Good Feel Good Magazine.


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